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What’s In A Good Diaper?

Choosing a diaper for your baby can be hard. There are so many different ones out there so how do you know you’re picking a good diaper?

Don’t worry! We’ve put together a quick guide on 4 things moms should look for in a diaper.

1. Absorbency: Diapers need to do what they do best: Absorb! A good diaper has a super absorbent core that keeps the baby from getting wet (P.S. rashes come from wet irritated skin). Most diapers use SAP core. SAP is a miracle worker that absorbs liquids 300x its weight in liquids (aka pee and poo), which leaves your baby dry and rash-free and moms worry and stress free!

2. Soft Layers: Everybody loves the feeling of softness on their skin. So does your baby! A soft lining on their bums will lessen the chance of irritation and discomfort. A good diaper should feel like soft pillows that can move with your baby while providing the ultimate comfort.

3. Chlorine Free: Although regulations have banned the use of chlorine in diapers, there are some bleaching processes that has the byproduct of chlorine derivatives. However, those diapers can be labelled chlorine-free even though there are chlorine derivatives. Moms should look chlorine free diapers!

4. Fragrance Free: Fragrances are known to cause irritations and who knows what’s in those fragrances. Play it on the safe side and keep the diapers fragrance free.

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