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Determining the Right Fit for Your Baby

Diaper blowout? Red marks on legs? Less coverage? These are all signs that your baby needs a bigger diaper. Frequent leaking or blowouts may not be caused by a higher volume of your baby’s business but by improper fitting. If there are red marks around your baby’s waist or legs and you are finding it harder to seal the tabs on the waist, it is time to size up the diaper. Check the diaper box for sizing guides. ✅✅

These are ours:

Size NB (<11 Lbs/<5 Kg)

Size 1 / S (4-8 kg/ 9-18 lbs)

Size 2 / M (6-11 kg/ 13-24 lbs)

Size 3 / L (9-14 kg/ 20-31 lbs)

Size 4 / XL (12-17 kg/ 26-37 lbs)


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