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Cute Pants (Training Pants)

Our Cute Pants feature all of the same amazing fit and feel as our popular Ultra-Soft Diapers but in a pull-up version for a smooth transition to the potty. Soft absorbent inner layers and flexible, breathable outer layer give toddlers the confidence and parents the best comfort of mind. Quality sourced worldwide, designed in Canada.

Same Pillow Layers: Special soft airy non-woven fabric with highly absorbent core, and a soft breathable base film. Made with our same pearl surface that feels like a cloud and includes imported liquid locking core that wicks away moisture, keeping baby dry and comfortable.

Cutting Edge Design: We used 3-D laser cutting to achieve a butterfly wing shape that prevents knock knees

Stretchy Bands: Easy elastic pull-ups allow confidence in potty training to make any transitions easier while still providing the same comfort and flexibility as our classic diapers

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