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Finding the right diaper for your baby is hard! That’s why we got you and baby covered with our ultra soft baby diapers. Our super absorbent, hypoallergenic diapers are made with our signature pearl layer that reduces irritation on baby’s bum. Plus, our diapers 100% made without chlorine, fragrance, or lotions to keep baby’s comfort and safety in mind. Quality sourced worldwide, designed in Canada.

Ultra Soft Feel: We designed a pearl shaped surface layer that reduces the contact area with baby’s skin for superior comfort and included a soft breathable base film. Say goodbye to discomfort and irritated bums! We went further and included liquid indicators to let you know when baby needs a change!

Top-Notch Performance: Our 5- layered padding made with our advanced super absorbent core pulls away liquid by evenly distributing and locking in our layers while maintaining original structure so that baby and parents can stay well rested throughout the night.

Smart Fit: Smooth sturdy wide alls automatically flip outwards to stop leaking when baby moves around and extra wide waist straps wraps hug baby’s waistline and allow flexibility in movements. All of our diapers use a special 3M “S” shaped sticky straps that are flexible, smooth, and designed to prevent irritation marks and cuts.

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