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How to Change a Diaper 🤷‍♀️

Baby care is overwhelming for new parents and that’s okay! Here’s a guide on how you change a diaper better and more efficient.

1. Check if the diaper is wet. This is a bit of a no brainer but new parents are often surprised at how many times a baby can spoil a diaper in a day. Here are some tell tale signs: Smell, weight of the diaper, crying baby. And they’re not mutually exclusive 😉. Another easy sign is the colour changing lines on the diaper on some diapers (ours do!) that tell you that a soiled diaper needs changing.

2. Lay your baby on his or her back on the changing table. Remove the used diaper by the adhesive tabs on the side and clean the diaper region with natural gentle wet wipes. Be sure to wipe from front fo back to avoid infections.

3.Check if there are any diaper rashes that might have come up since the last diaper change and if present, apply some rash ointment.

4. Gently lift your baby by the ankles and put a clean diaper underneath your baby. Bring the front part of the diaper up and secure the tabs on the side around your baby’s waist.

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