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Our Story

Cute Seal’s story begins from an ordinary family in Vancouver, Canada that received the gift of a baby girl. The father worked in the field of marine environmental protection, his professional instinct drawn him to the interest of improving the materials, quality and environmental friendliness of making diapers. Then, we have the creation of a new diaper brand idea. However, what should the brand name be? One day, the father was teaching pointing to a photo of a seal in the Canadian Arctic Photo Life magazine and teaching his daughter how to pronounce it.

Suddenly, the baby girl pointed to a diaper and shouted: “Seal”. So the father thought: “doesn’t a full diaper look just like a baby seal?”. As such, the brand Cute Seal was born. In pursuit of his dream, the perfectionist father then formed an elite team of parenting experts, pediatricians, environmental scientists to create the ultimate diaper after many stages of product development and multiple iterations of products. Now, Cute Seal diapers have reached an unprecedented level of softness, absorption and environmental friendliness. Many parents chose the Cute Seal brand, so they chose quality, safety and reliability at the same time; and thus, Cute Seal successfully gave the first gift of life to their babies.​


Our Babysitters

Fannie Price

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Christmas celebrations

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Party Time with BloomB

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Came From Canada

Top-notch Soft Surfaces

The surface layer is made from materials carefully selected from Canada to give babies an ultra soft feel.

Super Suction Inner Layer

The 5-layered inner padding absorbs and locks liquid at a high speed and maintains its original structure to keep babies and parents well rested through out the night.

Smart Sidewalls

The smooth and sturdy side walls automatically flip outward stop leaking when babies move around.

Liquid Indicators

Three lines will magically disappear when diapers are full of liquid and need to be changed.

Performance Pearl Surface Layer

The pearl shaped surface layer reduces the contact areas with babies’ skin for superior comfort.

3M Sticky Pads

3M made sticky pads come in a wrinkle free “S” shape to reduce scraping against babies’ skin.

Wide Waist Wraps

The extra wide waist wraps hug babies’ waistlines and allow for flexibility in their movements.

Best Breathability

The silky bottom layer vents moist to keep babies dry.

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