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The Cute Seal brand is loved by parents globally for making the most comfortable and best fitting baby diapers. As the maker of the closest companion of babies since their birth, we make it our mission to provide parents with a peace of mind and help them welcome their babies into our wonderful world by ensuring their skin stay protected in the softest and dry way possible.
We will be there from day one.




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Our Diapers


Unique 3D leak-proof Wings Our Wing protection design gently wraps around your baby’s skin for maximum comfort


Full-size Guide Layer The full-size guide layer quickly disperse liquid to the absorbent core to activate the glue-free thermal bonding process to prevent liquid recourse


3rd Generation Full-core Architecture The new innovative slim design that quickly absorbs liquid and provides strong breathability and water lock to keep you baby dry through out the night


Zero-Touch Outer Supple Skin The supple and silky outer skin reduces friction around the crotch area and presents the development of rashes your baby’s soft skin


Encircling Elastic Waist Encircling elastic waist can be stretched in any way for your baby’s freedom of movement


Large Pearl Surface The large pearl bumps reduce skin contact to increase air circulation

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